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Monday, December 26, 2016

Update Dec. 26/16

I have been very tired the last week.  I had to learn how to rest LOTS in order to feel good this week; but, with pacing myself (and going to bed right after the kids!) and keeping activities spaced I have had a lovely Christmas.  It was so wonderful to see all three kids fully loving Christmas!!!  And today I have been blessed with a surprise abundance of energy!  Last week mild headaches and vision changes started (similar to before my tumor removal).  If these increase I may have to go on steroids (most brain cancer patients are on steroids post-op or during treatment, so I have done well!), but it is my goal to stay off them.  (I do not want the sleep issues and mood and metabolic changes they bring with them).  So I have been emphasizing rest and it seems to have paid off well.

That said, I have been thinking more about my "self-care".  I want to find weekly space to really delve into writing more (legacy pieces and maybe finish the novel I started years ago?!).  I dream of a place to retreat (since our place is too small to escape the noise of our family and my bedtime has been very early). My dream is a place at Cultus Lake, but really any quiet zone in Chilliwack, Cultus Lake or Abbotsford with a private space with a place to relax (ie. couch or bed) and a table or desk to write at would be wonderful.  I am exploring monthly spiritual mini-retreats, but do long for weekly solitude. 

So I will ask: does anyone have a space they are not using once a week, during the weekday daytime that they are willing for me to retreat to?

Blessings of Christmas:
-  The joy of our children and of spending time with extended family, both in person and via video chat
-  Playing in the snow and getting the twins outside and seeing them love it!!! (They kinda got a bit cooped-up when the weather turned cold and I started getting more tired a couple weeks ago, so this was refreshing)

Prayer Items
- For a suitable "retreat-zone" to come my way
- Thankfulness that I only have 8 more radiation treatments left!
- The twins have colds again, so far they are still sleeping through the night - pray this continues and that I continue to avoid the colds (I'm tired enough without getting a cold!)

Thank you for the messages I have received.  As I get more tired, it is difficult to always reply.  Please know that if I haven't replied, that I have still deeply appreciated your messages.  I am certain I do not even know the amount of people reading my blog; but, I thank you for journeying with me.  Also, I feel so surrounded by love and support when I voice a need and it abundantly gets met. Thank you!


  1. The Mark Centre in Abby has a loft up top you can rent for pretty cheap if you need a space to Get away and to be in a space that is covered in prayer.

  2. Hi Cheryl, My son Mike plays pickleball with Ryan and your father in law Gerry. I also play pickleball and I see Ryan's parents at ARC every Tuesday at coffee time. I have been reading your blog and I want to express my love and sympathy for you. My husband passed away one and a half years ago from stomach cancer which was a shock to us when he was diagnoised because he was so fit and played golf and pickleball. I went through one and a half years of looking after him with feeding tube and hospital visits, seeing his pain and suffering with 1 year of chemo. So I can totally understand what you and your family are going through.
    I enjoyed seeing your family photos because you have a lovely family with your adorable kids. It is a lot of work looking after kids, especially twins are double the work with diapers and feedings! Kids grow up so fast so enjoy them while you can.
    My son Mike and I will keep you and your family in our thoughts and prayers. Our love to you and your family !!!
    Shirley Shepherd